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The Detective


The Detective

from 14.05

If you think there is drug activity, let The Detective solve the mystery. The Detective is an instant preliminary forensic test. This device is intended to test most surfaces for the presence of drugs. Developed to give law enforcement and private individuals tools to use in their fight against drugs. Currently, tests of a forensic nature are usually complicated and time consuming to use, and potentially harmful to the person administering the test.

The Detective Surface Drug Test comes in a commercial kit that contains 12 tests, Surface Spray, and Buffer. Each kit is contained in a sturdy small box that contains the simple instructions of how to run the tests.

Instructions for The Detective:

1. Remove Test from pouch
2. Remove cap from test
3. Spray area to be tested (mist/damp)
4. Swipe test across test area
5. Replace cap and add 3 drops of buffer to each test well.
6. Determine test result. Read the test results from 3-8 minutes, do read after 10.

The Detective is a lateral flow test which can be used anywhere, on most surfaces, at anytime with accurate results and ease of use and detection. Disposal of The Detective is also environmentally friendly. The Surface Spray and Buffer are environmentally friendly and the test components are easily discarded. None of the dangerous practices required for the NarcoPouch are required for The Detective. There are no hazardous conditions or materials in handling.

Let The Detective determine what drugs of abuse are present on any surface. Test for cocaine, opiates and methamphetamines. No urine or saliva required. Note: The Detective SURFACE DRUG TEST Not intended for internal human testing.

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