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Salmonella and E-coli Testing Products


Salmonella and E-coli Testing Products

from 12.50

The management of food safety is changing. Are you looking for a better and more reliable food safety management system?

For years one of the biggest problems facing food service operations has been preventing food-borne illness.

Even with comprehensive training programs identifying potentially hazardous foods, critical preparation, and hold and serving processes, you still run the risk of serving food with dangerous levels of bacteria.

Now more than ever Food Service Managers are recognizing that they need to provide a means of preventing this problem.

By establishing controls and continually monitoring food handlers you may be able to prevent biological hazards in foods that support rapid bacterial growth and can cause consumer health risks.

Now you can add to your food safety controls. Our easy to use test will tell you if your food, water, or food preparation surfaces have dangerous levels of two of the most common and dangerous Micro-organisms: Salmonella (20 minutes for detection) and E-Coli (45-50 minutes for detection).

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