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A Pumpkin Story


A Pumpkin Story


Once upon a time there was a poor man who lived in a very poor mountain village. One day, while on a mountain path, he discovered some pumpkin seeds. Because pumpkins provide both nourishing food and materials to make tools, he planted the seeds. He was surprised to see how quickly and how very large the pumpkins grew. At first he used them to make soup and the soup bowls and cups he needed. But, as his pumpkins grew bigger and bigger, he was able to make bigger and bigger things — a pumpkin bed, a pumpkin bath tub, even a pumpkin house. After a while, he had so much that he shared his pumpkins and pumpkin seeds with all the people in the village.

This charming story tells us we can sometimes improve our lives simply by using our imaginations to take thoughtful advantage of what nature provides. For Ages 3 - 8.

Written by Mariko Shinju

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