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Greene Bark Press Inc., was established in Connecticut in 1991. It is a family owned publishing company with a home office in Allentown, Pennsylvania. It publishes only books the company feels are original, colorful, imaginative, and have some value to add to the growth and learning process of young readers. Similarly, Greene Bark Press sells other products from publishers and manufacturers who have a similar publishing or manufacturing philosophy and whose materials compliment the Greene Bark Press list of published titles. We also offer items to keep young people safe and healthy.


Even with the advent of the Internet, text messaging, the IPOD, Ninetendo, Wii etc., we still feel that the key to reading and language comprehension is the printed book. It has been estimated that a child must acquire new words at the rate of 5,000 a year during the developmental reading stage of his or her life. This is far more than can be taught directly. Retention and understanding of new words and concepts are much more successful when presented in a related context or in a themed approach. What better way to accomplish both of these goals than through good imaginative books and stories?

Our books and stories are selected for originality, imagery, and colorfulness. Our intention is to capture a child's attention, to fire-up young imaginations and spark the desire to read and explore the world through books.

To further support our goal of encouraging children and young adults to read and learn we have added interactive, story-based CD-ROMs, art, literacy and math games, some interactive manipulative toys, master rulers, as well as themed nesting blocks and board books which, again, are meant to stretch a child’s mind and enhance the educational process.

We are constantly in search of new and exciting books and materials to add to our catalog, so make it a habit to visit our web pages often since we are always adding new and exciting books and materials for use both in the home or at school.

Thomas J. Greene